Worth Waiting For: Kindles in the hands of readers!

First to check out a Kindle!

Finally! The saga of the Kindle Content has come to a very satisfying end. Gift cards arrived in record time, and I immediately began downloading the requested titles, splitting them into groups and hiring an eager group of students to run sets of Kindles down the hall to the doors to complete the downloads. (Go figure, the library gets NO 3G service.)

By the very end of the day, the loading was complete, and my little group of helpers were on hand to get their pick of the Kindle lots. Jen immediately called one from the PINK group so that she could read Wintergirls, by Laurie Halse-Anderson. By the end of today, all 5 BLUE Kindles were checked out, and a few students came in from English classes asking to borrow a Kindle for class IR.

Click here to see the titles on each group of Kindles (6 groups, 5 Kindles per group) Thanks to Kathy Parker and the EduKindle Ning for sharing the format we adapted for our AUP, found  here .


2 thoughts on “Worth Waiting For: Kindles in the hands of readers!

  1. Great news! We use ours in our special ed classes right now. Really hope to expand to circulation soon though. The other kids are jealous. Glad it all worked out and I know the kids will love it.

    • Our special ed classed got a separate grant for Kindles too! they don’t have them yet, but I know the kids will really appreciate them. So many ways to customize the experience.

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