You Can’t Just Google It

One reason I love summer is that it affords me more time to search for and to explore tools that I can share with students and staff next year. Sometimes the tools are sophisticated, but often a powerful tool can be a simple message conveyed in an entertaining fashion. That is why I’m posting the following video from the gang at Sweetsearch¬†created using the online movie tool Xtranormal. I fell in love with Xtranormal when I saw this video¬†(warning: explicit content) mocking ¬†Apple Fanboys/girls who live and breathe iEverything (like me.)

Too often parents, and even some teachers, believe that students are expert researchers because they happen to spend a quazillion hours online via cell phones, iPods or desktop computers. The truth, however, is that without instruction in good research techniques and practice using said techniques, our students will be ill-prepared to solve more sophisticated problems related to gathering and processing information in the proverbial “real world.” ¬†Doubtful? Consider the wisdom of the cartoon queen in the video below:



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