Summertime, and the PD is easy!

Though a surgery in the family prevented me from traveling to Philly for ISTE this year, there are still plenty of summer professional development opportunities that are not only easy to access, but sans the responsibilities of  teaching 150 students per day, much easier to complete!

Recently re-attached ligament.

This summer, I am participating PD opportunities offered through two state and regional organizations that have become indispensible to area teachers and students: INFOhio and the Southwestern Ohio Instructional Technology Association. Most opportunities are potentially free, though they can be customized for graduate credit or certificates.

I just registered for 21 Essential Things for 21st Century Success, offered through INFOhio’s 21st Century Learning Commons. Though I am familiar with many tools highlighted in the 21 self-paced activities, my primary goal is to be able to go back to my staff in the Fall armed with the experience to promote the modules and answer accompanying questions.

Along with INFOhio, my district is also fortunate to have access to the incredible resources offered by the SOITA. Summer offerings include numerous workshops, as well as three structured  online book clubs focused on children’s and YA literature:  what better opportunity for a school librarian?

Need some other ideas for summer PD? Check out Shelly Terrell’s extensive list on her blog post, “What will you do this summer?” and Tamara Cox at  Eliterate Librarian’s blog about her summer PD. Happy learning!


One thought on “Summertime, and the PD is easy!

  1. Thanks for the mention and thanks for the other links. I need to update my post with these great ideas:) I’m thinking about creating a 23 Things type program for our teachers during the year so this will give me lots of inspiration. Happy and quick healing!

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