Inspire students with these graphic quotation tools

 Summer seems to have just gotten its legs and August is crouched in the shadows, ready to pounce. When the school doors open, student and teachers alike can benefit from a dose of inspiration. Until recently, part of the “Gearing Up for Going Back” routine included flipping through teacher supply mags to find posters with cute and/or motivational graphics and quotes, writing a check, and waiting for the cardboard roll to show up in the mail. This year, however, thanks to tech innovations, as well as to changes in the methods teachers and students use to access, create, and share content, teachers can create their own digital posters and  badges to print, embed in class wikis and blogs, or to use in services such as Edmodo, Schoolology or Moodle.

 Below are four online tools to easily create and share graphic quotation content with students. 


ReciteThis allows users to paste any quote in a box and then scroll through 25 templates to see how it looks. The templates are varied and can fit a variety of situations. Once you find the perfect template, you can post it to a variety of different services, email it, or download it to your computer to print, or to embed digitally. If you’re having trouble finding the perfect quote, you can search within the site for quotes in a variety of categories.

ReciteThis share screen

ReciteThis share screen



Here is a final product from ReciteThis:



Quozio is another template-based site that is very similar to ReciteThis. It offers 30 templates, the ability to share to social networks, and the ability to “Keep” your creations in your account.

“If you dare nothing  then when the day is over  nothing is all...


Though there are several online photo editing tools, my favorite is PicMonkey. You don’t have to register to use it; simply upload or drag a photo to the editing area and let your creativity go to work! PicMonkey offers numerous effects, overlays, frames, touch up options, themes, and of course a wide variety of fonts to showcase your favorite quotes!



The final tool I will mention is Posterini … with one caveat. While the other tools are extremely simple to use, Posterini offers more customization options, and with customization comes complexity. In fact, Posterini markets itself as a tool to “produce professional posters as well as to advertise and promote your business, services, events or yourself all around the world.” You work with your own images, and the site offers themes, categories, and numerous customization options. When you’re finished with your masterpiece, you can purchase large, top-quality poster versions for $4.99 or elect to download a small version for free.


Below is a poster I created using a vacation photo and text. Note the “Made With Posterini” stamp at the bottom:


Ready, Set … MOTIVATE!


Best Present Ever? GAFE in August.

Though there are a plethora of individual, interesting, and engaging Web 2.0 tools available to enhance learning, THIS is the suite I crave for our district. My primary goal this summer has been to attempt to convince district officials, through emails, demos, and other means, that it is past time to provide students and staff with at the very least, a domain-based collaboration suite. Add FREE to the mix, and GAFE is a no-brainer! So far there has been no word on whether it will happen. In the meantime, these millions of users can’t be wrong … right?



Socrative: a simple, yet powerful tool for engagement

This is my first in a series of Must-Have tools teachers should have in their own virtual backpacks when they return to school in August. The tools reviewed here are geared toward those who have traditionally been “tech shy”. They are easy to set up and use, and provide a multitude of advantages for enhancing a learning environment.

First up is Socrative, a Free, easy-to-use student response system that provides numerous options for formative assessment in the classroom. Students can participate using any internet-connected device, and they do not have to register or provide any personal information. Watch the video to learn more!