I posted the following on my library blog for students. My goal for the new year is to encourage students to Tell Their Story. Through art, photography, writing, music, actions, and ideas. 

PictureWe all have a story to tell. Each of our stories is unique, and each is also important. I encourage all of you to find a way to Tell Your Story this year. Maybe you want to continue the story you created last year, or maybe you want to start a new chapter. Maybe you even want to close the book on last year’s story and start from scratch, on a blank canvas that’s just waiting to come alive with fresh content. The good news is, YOU are in charge! Every day is an opportunity to begin a new chapter!

As we move into 2014, I challenge each of you to tell your story, whether figuratively or literally, through your actions, your choices, and your ideas. Additionally, I encourage you to share your stories with other Bulldogs, to foster an atmosphere of community, collaboration, and understanding.

Ready to get started? There are several inspiring tools and movements devoted to helping others find and tell their stories.  For instance, you might find that rather than making New Year’s resolutions, you would prefer to concentrate on One Word or concept that embodies something you would like to improve upon, expand or begin this year. Head over to My One Word and select yours. You can share your word and the reasons you chose it with the community there, keep it to yourself, or share it with the Bulldog community by using the hashtag #MyOneWordHHS. After careful consideration, I chose the word FOCUS.  I used PicMonkey to add text to an image I found at  http://spiritualrediscovery.wordpress.com/ and set it as my desktop background to remind me that I need to focus on my work, on being fully present in my interactions with colleagues, students, friends and family, and finally, to focus on achieving small goals throughout the year.


Another fun way to tell your story is by participating in the 365 Photo project. Get inspiration and monthly thematic ideas here. You can share your photos on the Project356 site as well as on Instagram or Twitter. To share within the Bulldog community, use the hashtag #my365HHS This could be a great way to explore your creativity while documenting important moments or inspiration in your life.Finally, if you would prefer to literally tell your story by writing it, there are several tools that can assist you. If writer’s block is your enemy, download this free e-book with 365 Writing Prompts for each day of the year. If you feel compelled to do some autobiography exploration, this site offers several tips. And if you prefer a more structured community that will provide feedback and encouragement, try the SMASH356 initiative. According to their site:

#smash365 is an online initiative and 365 day writing challenge to help you smash the fears, resistance, self-doubt & procrastination that keep you from being the artist, entrepreneur, creator & genius you are meant to be.

The rest is up to you. Click, Write, Tweet, Explore, Contemplate, Create and Share and Revise.

Your Story. Your Terms. What could be more glorious?


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