Google, Chromebooks and Creativity, OH MY!

The 2014-2015 is alive and Kickin’! Students have NEW district GAFE accounts, and we have been logging on, joining Classroom, and setting up blogs in the library! Also, we have a few new carts of Chromebooks and the feedback has been fantastic. From “OMG, these are SWEET!” to “So, I just log in and all my stuff is there?”  (Yes. Yes it is!)



I can’t wait to see all of the creative magic you will make this year.  I want you to think of the library as your Creation Station, Learning Lab, Exploratorium, and Maker Space. I will provide the space and the tools, and YOU will provide the ideas and the completed Products! Let’s LEARN together, and in the process, allow ourselves to get “messy, to fail, and to  try again. There IS no failure, there is only learning another way. ;-)I cannot wait to Learn. Laugh. Create. Share. Collaborate. Explore and EVOLVE with you this year! This is YOUR LIBRARY! CLAIM IT! OWN IT! LOVE IT!





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