More Google Goodness!

Last week I shared the Docs add-ons EasyBib and Table of Contents. Joyce Valenza highlights more of the most useful Google Apps Add-Ons for education in her NeverEnding Search blog:

Among the launch partners of most use in classrooms and libraries are:

  • EasyBib’s Bibliography Creator: allows you to search EasyBib and generate citations in MLA, APA or Chicago Manual of Style formats.
  • Thesaurus: highlight a word and synonyms appear in a sidebar box to the right of your document
  • UberConference: seamlessly organize a Web conference within Google Docs
  • Table of Contents: creates a clickable table of contents in a sidebar box
  • OpenClipArt: Find clipart from among more than 50,000 images and click on an image to insert it into your document
  • Kaizena Shortcut: opens your document immediately in the audio feedback app
  • ProWriting Aid:  offers a plagiarism, redundant phrases and grammar check
  • Template Gallery: allows you to select document formats, for instance: resumes, letters, invoices, calendars, planners, attendance sheets
  • Track changes: Manage the editing process when collaborating on a document
  • LucidChart: create and insert flowcharts, mind maps, and diagrams directly into your document
  • Calculator: a simple calculator appears in the right sidebar for help with basic math

Note:  Add-ons are not available for Google Spreadsheets unless you’ve installed the Google Sheets refresh.


Streamlining the standards with Google tools

As an avid user of Google Docs both personally and with my students, I was thrilled when Chrome released a suite of tools that work within a Google Document. Our juniors, who have been working on research essays, became enthusiastic users of the Easy Bib add-on the day after it was released!

In this age of standards-based assessment and lesson planning, I also suggest a use for the Table of Contents app that has helped me streamline finding and using standards in my lesson plans and rubrics. I look forward to finding other uses for other apps as well. Thank you, Google!


In this video, I use the incredibly fun app, Tellagami to introduce the Easy Bib tool:

Have fun exploring these new productivity tools with your students!



Socrative: a simple, yet powerful tool for engagement

This is my first in a series of Must-Have tools teachers should have in their own virtual backpacks when they return to school in August. The tools reviewed here are geared toward those who have traditionally been “tech shy”. They are easy to set up and use, and provide a multitude of advantages for enhancing a learning environment.

First up is Socrative, a Free, easy-to-use student response system that provides numerous options for formative assessment in the classroom. Students can participate using any internet-connected device, and they do not have to register or provide any personal information. Watch the video to learn more!