Quote of the Year!

Quote of the Year!

This is the quote on the back of the shirts that every employee in our district was given at our opening day meeting this year! Faced with a new evaluation system, new standards, and new challenges, this is exactly the mindset needed to move forward as a powerful, united front of educators working collaboratively for the good our our students. This philosophy, coupled with all of the new, eager staff, has me completely stoked going into this school year!


Best Present Ever? GAFE in August.

Though there are a plethora of individual, interesting, and engaging Web 2.0 tools available to enhance learning, THIS is the suite I crave for our district. My primary goal this summer has been to attempt to convince district officials, through emails, demos, and other means, that it is past time to provide students and staff with at the very least, a domain-based collaboration suite. Add FREE to the mix, and GAFE is a no-brainer! So far there has been no word on whether it will happen. In the meantime, these millions of users can’t be wrong … right?