Genius Hour + Student Talent = Success!

Every Wednesday our school runs on an altered “Activity Period” schedule that allots 30 minutes for organizations/clubs to meet. Along with standard organizations like student council, class officers, and National Honor Society, teachers also volunteer to host clubs or activities in their rooms that are geared toward students’ interest. This year’s include chess club, guitar club, computer club, knitting club, writer’s circle, and literature club. Not everyone has a place to go each week, and not every club meets every week, so we also try to offer programming and invite students who are not already committed to another meeting to try something different. 

Today, we invited students to enjoy performances by their peers who volunteered to share their singing, music, and poetry at an open mic. The even was organized by one of my students as part of her genius hour project. She set a one dollar admission fee, and the money raised will be donated to help USMC Sgt. Charlie Linville climb Mt. Everest as part of the Heroes Project.

The best part of being part of something like an open mic is how amazing it is to discover students’ hidden talents. Today, the audience truly enjoyed the event, and our assistant principal even requested print copies of students’ original poems because he was so impressed by them. Overall, we all left the auditorium imbued with the spirit of the event theme: HOPE. 

audience IMG_5233